Maybe you are new to urban exploration and you want to find out some cool places to start. Perhaps you are an experienced urbexer looking for some new inspiration. Whatever your level, experience, or taste, burbex.org has got something for you.

Beijing has some of the best and most mysterious urbex in the world, from abandoned waterparks, to decrepit steel factories, and even some of China’s best ghost houses, so dive into the website, choose your favourite location, and if you want some more information leave a message and Brin will get right back to you.

Brin has been urbexing for more than half his life, and found great locations around the world from a Victorian Mental Hospital in London to An Abandoned 50 Storey Luxury Hotel in Bangkok, as well as finding Dragon’s Peak Lodge, one of the most haunted houses in Hong Kong. Brin would also love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please leave a comment or a message.

By the way, for the more adventurous among you, drop Brin a line at burbex@outlook.com or leave a comment and he will be more than happy to take you out to some of these great locations.

So get out your flashlight, put on your sturdy boots, and get the urbex gleam in your eye, because we’re about to go on an adventure. See you out there!



16 thoughts on “ABOUT BURBEX”

  1. Hey, I arrived in Beijing a few weeks ago and i’m very interested in urbex, at first I was just looking for some place to take my friends on Halloween, but I really want to try more if the invitations are still on!

  2. Has this mall build progressed much since January 2015 when you visited? It was supposed to have been finished and lettings of shops started back in October 2013

    1. I haven’t been out there for a while, but the progress on the mall is very slow indeed. As a satellite city to Beijing, the government moved some of its departments into the town to take the pressure off Central Beijing. This lead to a bubble in housing prices in the area, which crashed after about two years. This meant that all the fancy houses and shops that had been built were just worthless. Locals are waiting for the local economy to bounce back, but it is not likely to happen soon.

      Thanks for the message, if you are in Beijing I could take you out there sometime, 🙂

      1. Thanks for the response.

        My interest is because the developer is one of the Malaysian Berjaya companies controlled by Vincent Tan who has interests in the UK but seems keen to hide what may be an expensive financial failure on his part on this contract.

        I am aware that phase one of the contract was due to have been completed back in October 2013 to enable rental income to start flowing. I am also aware that attempts to sell on 70% of the business to a Chinese cgroup (Carnival) also failed after the potential buyers did their due diligence work.

        From what you say the contract even now seems way off being in a position to start earning rental income. Even when complete there also seems to be some doubt as to whether there is enough customer demand to make the development successful. Did you say that the location and lack of train link makes it difficult to get to from Beijing?

      2. Has anything further happened with completing this shopping mall development or is it still standing unfinished?

  3. Hey dude, just sent you an email. I’m from Lowestoft, Suffolk. Can we connect on Wechat? Would love to get some advice about Urban exploring and maybe even join you on a trek if possible? Cheers! WeChat ID is reecetard

  4. Hey, great job you’re doing, all those places look amazing! I never knew urbex was a thing until I stumbled upon this website, I’ve gone a couple times myself but never in BJ; I was wondering if I could maybe join one of your expeditions someday? Please add me on wechat 🙂 15600916371

  5. Ha! I’ve been to Beijing Many times, and only now finding out about you. Dereliction porn can be greatly overdone, but it’s also sometimes hard a pass up as a photo-op.

  6. Hey Brin, Love the places you were at in Beijing. I have been living here for 3 years and always wondered about the abandoned Wonderland Amusement Park not far from Beijing. I also hope one day to reach Ordos, the ghost city in inner Mongolia. Is there any way to contact you?
    I am a graphic designer and maybe we can do a collaboration…

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