Burbex is not just interested in Urban Exploration, he has also had the honour to be involved with some great projects that bring him into contact with some very talented people. The first such project this year was working with acclaimed Italian artist Filippo Cardella to create his surreal art installation <The Last Man> also known as 《未人》 in Chinese.

Shooting primarily on location at Chaoyang Park Ferris Wheel with some minor scenes shot at The Solana Hotel, maverick director Karel Downsbrough shows the titular Last Man in a post-apocalyptic cityscape. Working with Burbex The Last Man team were able to find just the right selection of tunnels, underground labyrinths and blank walls acting as canvases to bring their vision to life.


The Last Man video installation went on display at The Meridian Gallery in Beijing in Spring 2016, and was met with a favourable reviews. Burbex looks forward to working with Filippo and the team again in the not-to-distant future.


Another exciting project that Burbex was lucky to work on this year was hosting the very first China-based Atlas Obscura as part of a worldwide event, providing curious and unusual insights to its members.


Burbex hosted a photo scavenger hunt at the famous Olympic Homko Ghost Town, which fans of Burbex will remember from 2014. Four intrepid contestants pitted their wits against the ghost town, avoiding work crews and security. Luckily nobody got thrown out right till the the end.

Lousti and the Pool

It was a great opportunity for experienced urbexers and those new to the activity to meet and have a good time in a location which barely anyone knows exists.

Peeping Jon

2016 has been a good year for Burbex, and he is looking forward to new projects and activities. If you have any ideas or just want to get together to discuss urban exploration in China, don’t be shy just get in contact on burbex@outlook.com.



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