On the smoggy outskirts of Beijing, far beyond where the subway line finally ends, and the dust dunes roll over the border into Hebei Province, right there on the border, that is where you will find the Great Mall of China.


Construction started five/six years ago when the small border town Yanjiao was slated to become the next border boom town. This led to a run on house building and general craziness in the area.

inside the cage b/w

Years later, these dreams never came true, and the town, like the Great Mall of China, is deserted.


The Cage Level 3

Black and White Balustrade

Tunnel to the Welding Pits

Black Rooms

Getting into the mall is quite simple: find the tunnel under the nearby hospital…


go through it in the dark…


emerge and find the pipe under the bullet train railway…

Harmony Express goes to the Great Mall of China

go through the tunnel…


walk down the causeway and you are in.


While there is security, and by the sound of it heavy work going on, the place is virtually empty, and the two guys on the roof didn’t even pay any attention to me.

Black Room Unveiled

There is a vast underground complex of tunnels full of dust and supplies, but no workers to be seen.

Light Rooms

Welding lights can be seen in the very distance at the end of the tunnels, and there is the occasional crash of metal on metal, but still no sign of people.

Outside View

Bird Cage Long View

The Cage Height


There are various tunnels that weave under the complex, and probably under the hospital too.


The blind bear stands on the road marking the way out. Be careful, there is a man who sells guard dogs nearby.


  1. It has to be almost an adventure to be inside such a huge building. I can’t believe they waste a property that large. Guess they still have plenty of room in China. Nice pics!

    1. Thanks for the comment Alex. Even with the sounds of the workers elsewhere in the structure you get the feeling that the place is completely empty. Still as I was creeping around the place, my back stuck to walls, hiding in holes, I got the sense that I was being watched. When I was in a dark stairwell I heard a a security guard at the top and descended into a pitch black cellar waiting for him to leave. I waited half an hour, when I peaked through the crack of the door I realised it was just the whistling of the wind. Maybe this is my favorite urbex. I look forward to going deeper, maybe onto the roof.

      If you want to come along sometime, just send a message πŸ™‚

  2. Damn that looks good, I want to climb all over it! I’m planning a trip to Beijing in October and I’m finding your blog extremely useful. Some very cool places over there πŸ˜€

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